Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Blog Address

Friends, Please check out and subscribe to my blog at it's new address: walkingcheerfully.org There's a brand new article there as well as all the old ones! Thanks for your support and for following along! Love, Rachel

Friday, January 27, 2012

Season of Return

Friends, I haven't been writing much these past months as life has graced me with its typical ups and downs. In addition, several friends have mentioned that my blog appears to contain malware or something of the sort. If you are using the Crome browser, a message has probably popped up saying that something is not quite right on these pages. I assure you that I have done everything possible to remove posts and comments that may have triggered this response. Crome continues to display this warning for at least 90 days after it has detected something wrong. I've gone through all the Google diagnostics that I can think of to ensure the safety and continuation of this blog. If you are brave enough to come this far, thank you. And spread the word! I'll be writing more soon. Rachel