Friday, January 7, 2011

Kamana might save the world

Israeli setter: this land was empty when we got here.
Palestinian: we lived here first
Applied Research Institute of Palestine: Settlers are building on springs, wells, and watersheds
Israeli Department of Foreign Affairs: all the water that Settlers are using comes from Israel
Palestinian Negotiations Unit: the water the Settlers are using comes from the Palestinian watershed which is mainly in occupied 1967 land.

When I was sixteen, my cousin gave me a book which was a step by step guide to nature awareness. The Kamana curriculum required in depth research of one's habitat. As a student of the nature awareness program, developed by John Young, you would have to research the history of the land, where the natural resources were, how natural migrations of wildlife interacted with the land... you would have to know deeply the soul of the land

land... land.. land.. land..........

Its what everyone is talking about. Borders, resources, buildings... the conversations go on and on. Yet everyone has a different opinion, everyone has different "facts", everyone sees the land as something different.

So today, while standing on a hill watching a non-violent demonstration against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and drinking in the foul smell of raw sewage and tear gas that was being sprayed on the demonstrators... I had a small silly thought... what if inter-religious and inter-national groups studied the land of Israel/Palestine using the Kamana program. Would such a project help dispel these myths? Its doesn't have to include who has the right to the land... just what is this land that we keep talking about? just a thought.

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